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Three Little Birds Bakery and Cakegate

Well, it’s been a week! For Bromley Photographer Andrew King the excitement of an important unveiling of formal portraits was rather eclipsed by #cakegate! The shake up of the PR/Influencer scene by my daughter’s reply to the NVRLAND agency (acting for actress Catherine Tyldesley) seems to have been covered by every possible news outlet in the UK, with huge public support, Janet Street-Porter wading in, and Bec finally giving an exclusive interview to the Daily Mail, published today.

Anyway, having watched Three Little Birds Bakery grow from it’s first beginings in Bec’s kitchen eight years ago to the opening of her shop earlier this year, and having watched Bec herself grow for rather longer than that, I can say that this young woman makes me proud. Her success has nothing to do with being famous for being famous – though she is media savvy, as the last week (and events before it) have shown. But there is so much more to her:   What you see is what you get, with Bec. Forthright, direct, honest, and transparently committed to quality and good ethics in the way she runs her business, Bec has made Three Little Birds a force to be reckoned with in a very short time, even without the insanity of this last week’s media storm.

How to sum up that success?

  • Cakes that look amazing, and taste as good as they look!

  • Cakes that taste amazing, and look as good as they taste!

  • Absolute commitment to quality and fairness and as light an environmental footprint as possible in all ingredients.

  • The building up of and care for a staff team with an incredible esprit de corps

  • Beautiful and fun products with serious pricing because they are seriously costly to make

  • The way Bec and Aidan work together to ensure that family life continues with some normality amidst the pressures of their fast growing businesses.

Three Little Birds Opening Day

It was only on the 19th of May! I blogged about this event at the time, but have updated the gallery here with a sprinkling of other cakes I’ve photographed for Bec – every so often my wedding photographer work puts me at a wedding with a Three Little Birds Cake. I count myself lucky when that happens – SO good!

Sadly, none of these photos, or cakes, are camp as tits. My bad.

Three Little Birds Bakery has featured on my website since I launched this version – photographing Bec’s wonderful products was part of my business, although she now takes awesome cake photos of her own. But whether or not my camera is involved, I am so proud of my daughter, son in law, their girls and all they have achieved.

My lovely niece and her husband on their wedding day – with a Three Little Birds cake!

If you are looking for really remarkable cake, and especially if you are in the North, contact Bec.

For wedding, product, family and headshot photography, contact me!

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