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Headshots, Portraits & Profile Pictures

Headshots and Portraits seem to be flavour of the month at the moment. I am shooting fewer weddings than in the summer months, but this made up for with clients interested in headshots and personal branding.

There are more kinds of portrait photo than meet the eye. The requirements for an actor’s headshot portfolio are quite specific, whereas images to be used in more general business publicity or for social media may vary widely if not wildly!

I always enjoy working with headshot and portrait clients to help them get the photos that they need and want. It is a matter of listening, and then bringing together the gear and technique to produce what they are looking for. Some shoots are done in my own home, with one of the rooms becoming a studio, but I am also able to travel to the client, whether in Bromley, across South London or further afield in Kent, Surrey or Sussex.

Here is a quick look at a few sets of clients – case studies of some very different local shoots, all for South London portrait photography clients. I have aimed for variety, from quite formal headshots through to very relaxed and natural portraits.

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Singer, Actor, Dancer Headshots

Portraits and Profile Images

Conductor and Musician Headshots

Neil & Abigail
Engagement Photos

South London Headshots, Portraits & Profile Pictures:

It is probably obvious that I love working with my clients. I want to help them create the image that they wish to project or use in promotions or profiles. This doesn’t have to be lengthy or expensive: the images of the Sales team for Affordable Granite shown here were done very quickly, using one of my Lumix MFT cameras. Contact me to talk about your requirements. A local, Bromley-based, South London headshots and profile picture photographer may cost less than you imagine!

To contact me to enquire about my portrait photography use my Contact Form or just text (07983 787889) or email me at

I am based in Bromley, South London, but am happy to travel within the city and further out to meet headshot and portrait clients.

Photos © copyright Andrew King Photography

Headshots and portraits published here with the permission of my clients.

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