One-to-one and Small Group Lessons and Classes

Classes and Photo Walks

One-to-one and Small Group Lessons and Classes

Classes and Photo Walks

The best way to learn photography is to take pictures. But to catalyse that learning process you can go one better – take pictures with someone on hand to advise and explain. That’s how the idea for my photography lessons and classes including photo walks came about – just to get out with our cameras, explore London, or do a planned walk taking in specific sights.

This can be one to one and small group lessons and classes. Obviously one to one allows for more intense tuition, but in reality simply taking photos should occupy a lot of the time, with some time for evaluation afterwards, so group work is good.

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photography classes photo walk

I like to know in advance what cameras members of a group will be using during the lesson. This allows me to do some research on the menus and other details of that model, and perhaps to choose a camera from my collection to use on the day which fits into the group.

It’s also good to know what you want to work on especially. Classes can focus on all sorts of things:

  • Basic Composition
  • Good light and where/when/how to find it
  • The effects of using different shutter speeds
  • The effects of using different apertures
  • Focussing challenges and methods (including back button focussing)
  • Using a tripod
  • Night photography

It is also possible to focus on subjects that especially interest you. Buildings? Flowers? Street Photography? Your family? I could even combine teaching you how to get good photos of the family with taking some myself, making it a combined lesson and photoshoot!

As well as time spent taking photographs, I can also help with teaching photography editing. If you can let me know in advance what apps you use, I can make sure that I am up to speed with the partucular version you have; I use Adobe Photoshop with Adobe Camera Raw as the main basis editing tool.


Email me ( or text 07983 787889 to enquire about one-to-one, small group or larger group talks and lectures. Cost from £25 per hour plus travel.

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If you would like to enquire about photography training, please call Andrew King today on 07983 787889 or, if preferred use the form on the contact page.


Based in London, but frequently found in Surrey and Sussex and the Home Counties in general, I am a freelance wedding, family and commercial photographer committed to delivering quality photographs at an affordable price.