Working on location for the Salvation Army

One of the most significant and satisfying aspects of my work over the last few years has been with the Salvation Army. Every year envelopes and collectors go out in great annual appeals to support their work with homeless and vulnerable people. The images on those envelopes have to be taken by a photographer, and I have had the privilege of being involved in the process for the last three or four years.

Although people often think that the imagery in such appeals is of real homeless people, only a little thought will tell you that models are used. All the same, the work has to be involving emotionally; I have often found myself really moved even as I have worked with an actor to get the shots we want. The aim is to recreate as carefully and respectfully as possible the kind of difficulties faced by so many people around us, and ask for the public’s help in alleviating the suffering. 

Whether for a charity appeal or for a commercial business, shoots on location involving models are still an important part of the advertising world. It is obviously and easily possible to spend many thousands per day – just on the model, if you have the pocket for it! But for an economical and straightforward approach to getting the images you need, do get in touch. For charitable causes I work at a reduced rate, and commit to not make any use of any of my images on my sites until at least a year after they have been used by my client.

Salvation Army Appeal Shoots Gallery


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