Workshops, Offices, Sites and Classroom Photography

Your website can be a window into your world of work. Perhaps you feel that one office looks much like another, but putting you and your staff into a context can be very helpful in building your relationship with your clients.

This is doubly so when it comes to workshops and factories. Without giving away your trade secrets, showing your investment in equipment and training grows confidence in you and your company.

Photos in the workplace are valuable tools in proving seriousness, competence and professionalism. But only if the photos are good!

Having been involved in a branch of the building trade for a decade, I have looked at many websites where the photos have actually undermined the message that is intended. Badly taken, wonky images can appear to show badly finished, wonky work – even if your craftsmanship is excellent.

Getting a professional photographer to capture images of you and your staff at work is a relatively small expense which will pay for itself many times over as the images sell you, your products and your expertise.

I have taken photographs in a variety of offices, factories and workshops over the years. I have found ways to capture different kinds of practical work and craftsmanship. As with my product photography, if your area of work is new to me, with significant barriers to getting the kind of shorts you need, I will work on an “invoice only on mastering it” basis, treating the shoot as a learning/training experience.



Based in London, but frequently found in Surrey and Sussex and the Home Counties in general, I am a freelance wedding, family and commercial photographer committed to delivering quality photographs at an affordable price.