Andrew – Conductor

Headshots and Profile Images for a South London Musician and Conductor

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Headshots and Portraits – South London

Andrew – Conductor

Andrew contacted me after I photographed his niece’s wedding in Camberwell. He was looking for portraits which could capture him at work as a conductor. The challenge was that these were to be formal portraits – headshots, really – created in a studio style, not in an actual concert setting.


It was a challenge I was glad to take on, and I went about working out how to do it. The aim was maximum drama and sense of emotion from the pictures. I arranged to use a large hall, where I new I could give a sense of space from a very darek background. Lighting came from flash units fired by a master controller on my camera. It was one of those siutaions where you envisage in your head the effect that you want, and are so pleased when you get what you imagine from the word go!


As well as the pictures in the hall, we then popped across the road to the puib, where I took a few more, far more informal, poses just as general portraits or profile pictures. Client happy!

Thank you, Andrew, for setting me a real headshot photography challenge! 

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