Product Photography – Three Little Birds Bakery

Professional Product Photography with a Personal Touch

This one is “in the family”, I must admit. My daughter’s cake business has grown steadily over the last six years, and she is on the verge of opening a shop in her home town of Keighley, West Yorkshire. Every so often she has roped me in to taking pictures of her work – although at least half of the shots here were taken at weddings where I was the main photographer.

Bec’s work is stunning. I have followed her progress and learnt from her. She really listens to her clients – what do they really want in their wedding, birthday or anniversary cake? Then she goes about creating it.

Three Little Birds cakes have one special factor that places them a cut above so many others in the market. They taste as good as they look! There are plenty of great-looking cakes out there – wonderfully creative icing and so forth – but the cake itself is a disappointment. Other places have rather rough-looking finishing, but great cake.  A Three Little Birds cake will be a superb art work when it comes to creativity – and every mouthful will be delicious.

That’s enough proud-daddery! Taking photos of the cake is a routine part of wedding photography, although the backgrounds can leave something to be desired. Just occasionally I work with Bec to get a more professional product photography look, and I have tried to help her in her own photography to do the same. The 30th birthday pineapple cake shown here is one example of a real product approach, setting up studio lighting and backdrop in my home so as to get that pure and simple look.

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