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South London Headshots, Portraits & Profile Pictures

It has been a busy few weeks for me here in Camberwell, South London. Headshots, portraits and profile pictures seem to have been the theme of the last few days, with a sequence of clients looking for individual or couples pictures – though with different briefs and aims.

There are more kinds of portrait photo than meet the eye. The requirements for an actor’s headshot portfolio are quite specific, whereas images to be used in more general business publicity or for social media may vary widely if not wildly!

I always enjoy working with headshot and portrait clients to help them get the photos that they need and want. It is a matter of listening, and then bringing together the gear and technique to produce what they are looking for. Here is a quick look at three sets of clients – all local shoots, for South London portrait photography clients.

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South London Headshots, Portraits & Profile Pictures:


Erin and her family are personal friends. Her parents are colleagues of my wife at the Salvation Army Training College in Denmark Hill, Camberwell. I have known Erin for about half of her life, in fact! Over recent years she has been developing a career as an actor. As I write she is celebrating the end of her exams and the prospect of starting at the Brit School next term. The day of the shoot was just before she closed the show as guest vocalist for the Ark Music Gala at the Barbican. This young woman is going places!

We did the shoot in two sections.  First we used natural light in and around Erin’s home on the Denmark Hill campus. Later we used studio lighting in a blacked-out space. People often think that headshots must be very dramatic in terms of lighting, and we wanted to get some of that. But my clients also wanted a sense of naturalness and to just let Erin’s beauty and warmth speak for themselves.

The “outdoor” images here were shot in the front doorway of Erin’s home, with strong back-lighting and flash bouncing off a mirror in the hall to counterbalance it. The soft light on Erin’s cheek in the last of these four came from the sun, reflected off a sheet of foil held in the kitchen by Erin’s mum!

The “studio” part of the shoot also went well. Erin has worked with other headshot photographers, but I think felt more relaxed with a family friend. I was keen to give the family a good range of material to work with and choose from – the images shown here were our final short list.

Headshot photographers often only deliver four or five images from a shoot. Given the range of faces from an actor, and the different requirements of agencies, I like to offer more headshots from which to choose.

16 year old Erin Moir is an all-round rising star in Musical Theatre and is represented by Narrow Road Company. I will follow her career with interest!

South London Headshots, Portraits & Profile Pictures:


Peter contacted me having found my details simply by Googling “Camberwell photographer.” He was looking for a range of portrait photos for business and social use. The brief was more profile pics than headshots. Peter was not looking for a studio look, but to try to keep everything real, with maximum use of natural lighting and locations.

We arranged to meet in The Sun of Camberwell, very close to Peter’s home. It is a superb pub for taking photos, with its big windows, skylit area and beer garden. I asked permission to work in the pub, and we ended up doing about three quarters of the shoot in this historic South London location.

The Sun of Camberwell beer garden has tables open to the elements. Several booths give a bit more shelter for conversation. The available booth was bright orange on all its surfaces – I had a few qualms about that, but the results using the available (cloudy sky) light weren’t bad, and Peter was happy with them. Flash wasn’t as successful as it just reflected back too much orange.

The final part of the shoot – with a change of shirt – was out on the street past where Peter lives. This was all done with the long lens, and for the “walking shots” I lay on the ground. This is all part of a day’s work for a photographer!

The whole shoot took around 50 minutes, and my client was very happy – enough to leave a nice Google reveiew. Thanks, Peter!

South London Headshots, Portraits & Profile Pictures:

Neil & Abigail

Neil & Abigail wanted some engagement pictures done prior to their North London wedding this month. Neil is a South London boy, living out in Croydon, but the wedding will be taking place near Abigail’s family home in Edmonton. Bride and groom portraits are planned at Forty Hall. We met in Dulwich – convenient for me, as it’s just a quick bus from Camberwell. We shot a few photos at the old College Chapel and then in Dulwich Park.

Neil and Abigail have a lot of fun and chemistry about them – the pre-wedding shoot was easy! I look forward very much to photographing their wedding. With both English and Ghanaian wedding elements to the day, it is going to be full-on, but glorious!

South London Headshots, Portraits & Profile Pictures:

It is probably obvious that I love working with my clients. I want to help them create the image that they wish to project or use in promotions or profiles. This doesn’t have to be lengthy or expensive: the images of the Sales team for Affordable Granite shown here were done very quickly, using one of my Lumix MFT cameras. Contact me to talk about your requirements. A local, Camberwell-based, South London headshots and profile picture photographer may cost less than you imagine!

To contact me to enquire about my portrait photography use my Contact Form or just text (07983 787889) or email me at

I am based in Camberwell, South London, but am happy to travel within the city and further out to meet headshot and portrait clients. As I live close to the centre of London, with the Brit, Guildhall, RADA and other schools not so far away, you can imagine that headshots for actors are an important part of my work.

Photos © copyright Andrew King Photography

Headshots and portraits published here with the permission of my clients.

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