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Not much time again this week – too much photography, but I’m really happy in my work. In the last three weeks I have taken about 7000 images, with only one edit left to do. Both the weddings have been delivered to my clients, though one couple will be meeting me shortly to talk about the shots they would like in their wedding album.

Yesterday I popped down to Denmark Hill Lidl near Camberwell Green to get a few ingredients for my signature dish. One the way I took a few pics of local changes on the way.


Tapete, the excellent Tapas place at 119 Grove Lane has been missing some tiles off its sign for a while. The tiles have been replaced, but the signwriter has not yet been, so take your chance to eat at Pete’s while you can. It is the closest restaurant to my home, and one of the best in the area for a really celebratory night.


Almost next door to Tapete is convenience store Cornners. Here there is a completely replaced sign. Most of us in this part of Camberwell pronounce the shop as “Corn-ern-ners” and we are pleased and relieved that the name has been retained in full. (It is actually part of a small chain, all under the same name.)

The Salvation Army is in the process of consolidating its British Headquarters and its Training College onto one site. The HQ building at Elephant and Castle is being sold off, and this new block is going up on the William Booth College site opposite Denmark Hill station. When I am not photographing weddings or kitchens a lot of my photography is for the Salvation Army; the new location means an even shorter journey when I am working for the Territorial HQ.

Camberwell at present seems to be in a strait jacket of road works, with this hole right opposite Kings College Hospital causing utter mayhem on Denmark Hill. Previous locations have been along Grove Lane and Champion Park. I guess it will soon reach the Green. Enjoy!

Two signs I love at the bottom Denmark Hill. So far as I understand it, Pizza Parseh is Pizza with a Persian twist. We have not yet experienced it.

Meanwhile Love Walk Dry Cleaning makes a direct appeal to those who want to avoid doing the clothes wash. The sign appears almost exactly like this on Google Street View.

The black temporary wall is outside the Salvation Army building site on Champion Park. Was it a can-wielding SA cadet who sprayed the sign? I have to admit I saw it and immediately took it seriously. Ukraine? The plight of those struggling with the cost of living crisis? People walking from Denmark Hill Station to visit someone in the hospital? simply bewildered by the changes we are going through?

It’s a great message, if the “love” the writer had in mind is really ready to get its hands dirty! Have a good weekend.

Quick photos from one walk with the Lumix GH3 and standard kit lens © copyright Andrew King Photography

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