Caitlin Stubbs

Portrait Photography in Brighton, East Sussex

I have known this talented young Brighton singer-songwriter for several years now, having first heard her when she was singing with Alex Wells in Rothko. Needing publicity photographs, and looking for something which was natural and uncontrived in style, we arranged to meet on what turned out to be a glorious May evening, with perfect hazy-filtered sun. I drove up straight from work in Surrey via home in Haywards Heath, but arrived needing food, so the first stop was the Lion and Lobster. I find getting to know a portrait client is an essential step to taking a picture which captures the person, not just the face. I also find food essential to keep working! The first shots here were taken downstairs in the pub, then up on one of the terrace bars.

We then went down to the small bandstand on the front and shot a sequence of portraits as the light got richer. The final shot here was taken indoors, using three bounced flashes to give a far more “studio lighting” effect, although still looking for a natural effect rather than a highly stylised shot.


For info on Caitlin – CDs and gigs please go here.