Headshots and Portraits for HR Executive Maria

Maria - HR Executive. Personal Branding Photography by Andrew King Photography

Headshots for work and social media

Maria contacted me having heard of my work through a mutual friend for whom I take regular family photographs. “Do you do headshots? I need some images for work and want to have something decent for LinkedIn and other media.”

And so we met at Maria’s Sussex home. A spacious lounge with a big white wall was all that was needed for the kind of images that my client wanted. A couple of flash stands up and we worked for only half an hour or so.

In common with many people, Maria doesn’t much like being photographed. This applies to most photographers too – why do you think we stay that side of the camera?! The home setting helps, and taking some time to warm up. I don’t work silently, but enjoy chatting with clients and getting them to talk about themselves – which generally lead to pictures which capture something of the “real them”.

One of the beauties of digital photography is that you really can take a lot of pictures. Some people blink, or make all kinds of expressions while in conversation, and you can just skip over those on the edit, as you search for the good ones.

Maria specifically wanted a change of clothes and some black and white as well as colour material.  Towards the end of the shoot we moved away from headshots towards some full length and seated poses. All good – happy client, I think.

This kind of photoshoot, using your home as a studio, is economical and accessible.


Based in London, but frequently found in Surrey and Sussex and the Home Counties in general, I am a freelance wedding, family and commercial photographer committed to delivering quality photographs at an affordable price.