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And so the blogging begins...

My new website is up and running at last. Much needs to be done to it, and I will be tweaking the existing pages and adding a few more for a while yet. But, in addition to such tweakery, I am also starting a blog within the site.

There are several reasons for blogging, but one of the biggest is to be able to maintain a rhythm of additions to the site which are noted by the Search Engines. I want to write about the core themes of my photography – weddings and portraits and commercial photos – with real articles that mean something to the interested reader, and which also help people to find my page via Google and the rest. I obviously hope that the interest generated will lead to the business growing.

Leadenhall market Samyang 10mm f3.5 lens

Leadenhall Market – one of my available prints

headshots personal branding photographer london 100 121326

Irina von Wiese – Politician,
A subject in some of my corporate team and individual photos

So here is the first of many blogs. As well as wedding photography and my family and corporate work, I am looking forward to writing about some of the technical, practical and artistic sides of being a photographer. There will be articles on the cameras and lenses I use for different purposes, and, I hope, a few more humorous offerings along the way.

If you have photographic themes or subjects that interest you which you would like me to cover, why not drop me a line via ? Getting good ideas for blogs can be a real help!

One thing I would like to do in this first blog, though, is to thank Chris and Lesley of Griffin & Black Associates for all their help and that of their team in getting the website up and running and looking good.

I am also grateful to members of my family for their input and stimulus towards building the photography business. Here come big thank yous and hugs to Sarah, Bec and Tom especially, for firmly planting boots on my rear end to propel me towards going full-time in photography.

Simon and Phillipa London wedding tower bridge

Simon and Philippa on their wedding day – at Tower Bridge, London
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Photos © copyright Andrew King Photography, except for the featured image, from Ena Marinkovic, via Pexels.

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