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CAMBERWELL LIFE: Carol Singing in Champion Grove

There are many lovely things about living in our road, but one of the best is the annual carol singing, accompanied by a scratch band of Salvation Army musicians from Champion Grove itself and from the college just north of us. I am quite sure that other roads in Camberwell have some great traditions too, but this is ours, and I like it. It may be the only time in the whole year that we all meet up – but that makes it all the more important.

Carols are accompanied not only by the band, but by mince pies, mulled wine (+ and – alcohol) and hot dogs (+ and – meat). The task of holding a hot dog, overflowing with onions and ketchup, a carol sheet and a cup of wine is just about beyond me. Add a camera and I am struggling.

Champion Grove Camberwell Carol Singing London events photographer
Champion Grove Camberwell Carol Singing London event photographer 211217 194209

This year I did take the camera, though. It was quieter than usual, and people stood a bit further apart – Covid concerns. But it was still friendly and fun. I hope I have caught a bit of that.

Amongst other goals for 2022, I really want to record more of local Camberwell life. Not just the bits I already get to – like the Carols, or Thursday night Open Mic at The Joiners – but to see some new things too. I may yet make it to a Hamlet game, let’s see!

Whether your local event is by street light, like our Champion Grove tradition tonight, daylight or indoors, I am here as a genuinely local events photographer. Contact me if you need more info.

Photos © copyright Andrew King Photography

If you would like any of them – printed or for sharing – just contact me and it can be arranged. Equally, if you object to any of them, just say, and they come down!

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