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CAMBERWELL LIFE: A bright Saturday

Perfect blue behind St Giles

When I first looked at the forecast for this morning, it was down as cloudy, dull and very cold. Not rainy, but only +2 degrees or so. I went ahead and planned my photowalk anyway, but it was a real boost to throw open the curtains this morning and get the glory of a sunny day.

In the event the weather this morning was still cold enough to be wearing a few layers, but what a stunning morning! It reminded me of that old saying (I think from Alaska) about the “fool’s spring”. To be honest, I’m not ready for the end of winter yet – I am due to be climbing in Scotland in two weeks and could do with some snow – but today was undeniably beautiful.

Sunny days aren’t as easy for photos as people think. But they do bring smiles to faces and colour to scenery. As soon as I walk out of the door I knew that I would be editing for bright colour, and here are the results. I hope they put a smile on your face too!

In part because I like to understand more than one camera system (especially when giving lessons) and in part to avoid carrying my heaviest gear up mountains, I have a couple of Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses. Today I took the Lumix GH3 for a spin. It’s a great little camera – now relatively old, not expensive secondhand, and still giving you a lot of photographic seriousness in a very neat body.

As well as walking one of my regular routes down to Camberwell Church Street and back up Denmark Hill, I popped into Ruskin Park specifically in a hunt for the first signs of crocuses. I wasn’t disappointed – they are just beginning!

Lumix 45-200mm lens, about as close as it can go.

Signs of a restart in Ruskin Park
There is life in Camberwell!

The Hermits Cave

As well as the zoom, I wanted to try out the little Samyang fisheye – especially in its “defished” – straightened out – use. This shot of the Hermits Cave was taken from the island in the middle of Grove Lane. I am reasonably pleased with it, and with the lens. (You can just see fuzziness from the post-processing stretching coming in at the top of the building.) This week’s cover shot was also taken with this lens.

I love the character and ornateness of old pubs. I dislike name changes, ponciness and Wetherspoons. For me the Hermits Cave, the Joiners and the George Canning are the poles of Camberwell life that I remember from furthest back – because I can remember buying a train ticket in the Phoenix!

Photos from one walk with the Lumix GH3 © copyright Andrew King Photography

If you would like any of them – printed or for sharing – just contact me and it can be arranged. Equally, if you object to any of them, just say, and they come down!

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