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Bromley Photographer: A Busy Couple of Months

It’s been a while since I did a general round up of my “Bromley photographer” news. In fact, I have been struggling to keep the blog going on a weekly basis. This is in large part down to the volume of work. I have just sat down to write this after sending off the edited images from one wedding, and I feel I can breathe a little bit. 

Here are a few snippets from what has been a hectic autumn.

Bromley Photographer: Wedding Photography

I’ve had two weddings in the last month or so – one full day of photography in Central London and Bexleyheath, and the other a “ceremony only” wedding shoot at Bromley Civic Centre Register Office – my first wedding at Bromley Register Office in fact.

Neil and Alison were married at Regent Hall Salvation Army (the only church on Oxford Street) with a reception at The Delta Marriot Hotel in Bexleyheath. Living in Orpington, they certainly represented local clients here in Bromley! I covered the full day, from before the ceremony to the first dance. Weather not great at the reception, so all portraits and groups were done indoors – a challenge for lenses and editing! A good day though, with slightly complicated travel – I finally came home on the 269 bus to Bromley Civic Centre.

And that’s where Adam and Clare were married a couple of weeks later. Another couple with children already all but grown up, they asked me for a short shoot – just for their wedding ceremony and a few portraits and groups. The day was very wet, but their wedding just fell into a slot of lovely weather, and the photography was fun and joyful.

The Old Palace (or Bishop’s Palace) is a superb venue for weddings. The colonnade immediately outside the ceremonty rooms is especially good for full-length portraits. I understand that the whole Civic Centre and Bromley Registry Office are under threat, with the complex being sold and the council offices being moved en masse to a boring block near the station. This is pretty tragic for Bromley couples, in my view.

Bromley Photographer: Product Photography

One great development over the last few months has been that Google has started to spot that I am in Bromley. Adam and Clare looked for a local, Bromley-based wedding photographer, and Dan of DFC Manufacturing looked for a local photographer who could deal with a small product. I really enjoyed the challenge of a product shoot again – every product is different and listening to the client’s brief is critical.

From first contact to delivery of the images and payment for the shoot all occurred in less than a week. I am fast, professional and economical. Daniel and his business is based in Bromley, so a Bromley photographer was ideal. He was pleased with the results, and kindly wrote a great review on the aforementioned search engine site! And here is one of the images doing the job it was taken for on eBay.

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Bromley Photographer: Event Photography

Imogen, a hospital consultant and colleague of my dear sister Liz, was organising a reunion of Bart’s Hospital-trained doctors and asked me to come along to The Fable on Holborn Viaduct to record the meet up. I have never been in a room with so many very senior doctors at once. As one of them said to me, “If you’re going to have a heart attack, have it now!”

I opted not to, but thoroughly enjoyed a great evening’s challenging event photography in some very intelligent – and occasionally boisterous – company. Thank you, Imo, for involving me!

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Bromley Photographer: Formal Groups and Portraits

The last two months have also seen some of my regular work for the Salvation Army, with photos of the new cadets at the Training College, their Welcome meetings, and another photo shoot for the International College for Officers over at Sunbury Court over on the western edge of London.

Travel from Bromley to Denmark Hill, Southwark, for work at William Booth College isn’t quite as convenient as it was when we lived there, but it isn’t hard. The drive to Sunbury Court from Bromley is (to me surprise) significantly lonegr and more awkward than it was from Camberwell, but that is in part down to the times I do it – late on Saturday night or early on Sunday, when distance rather than traffic is the key factor. But I love doing my formal portrait and group work for the Salvation Army.

The Session and Staff of the ICO with General Lyndon and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham

Salvation Army General Lyndon & Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham with the new ICO staff team at Sunbury Court 

I asked for the group to pose on the steps outside the dining hall as I guessed the glass walls would give some good reflectons of the autumn leaves. I guessed right!

Photography Classes and Training

Alongside actual photoshoots (not all mentioned here) I have continued to develop my photography classes / training work. This period saw some hands-on editing training here in Bromley, and a class out on the streets with Georgina of Studio Hart. Her design, graphic, branding and networking skills are outstanding, and she has a superb eye with a camera, but she wanted to learn more of the technical side of photography. We arranged to meet up with her second cousin, actor and model Mae Ling Tsang who was kind enough to give us her time in the City for the day. Images from the Square on St Mary Axe and Leadenhall Market.


Photos here are mainly by me, though some may be by Georgina – we swapped cameras several times!

This Bromley photographer has done other work in the same period, including interiors with this kitchen and quartz worktops in Snodland, Kent, but I think this blog is more than done! And I’m about to call Georgina to talk about further photography and social media collaborations, so I must stop there anyway. Please expect the next full news round up sometime in early 2024!

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