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Interior Photography in the Bromley area:

Photographs as Evidence

I picked up an unusual photography job this week. I was just arriving at the NEC Birmingham, to shoot the KBB show for Affordable Granite and the Worktop Fabricators Federation when I got a phone call. A woman called Sarah from Chislehurst BR7 needed some photographs done professionally asap. Could I help?

The best thing since moving to Bromley has been the way that Google has caught up with where I am. People looking for a photographer in the Bromley area are finding me, and enquiries from the BR postcode area are coming in faster than ever. I am hugely relieved and glad of this! Sarah’s enquiry was just one of those.

The spacious lounge of the Chislehurst flat

Sarah’s bathroom in BR7

I gave some thought to how to do the shoot in advance. There wouldn’t be any editing to speak of as the images needed to be as close to the undoctored raw files as possible. High resolution was needed. In the event I shot whole room views with the 10mm Samyang on the D850, shooting at max resolution, and then did close-ups of problems with the D6 and two macro lenses – the 105mm and the 60mm. 

Some areas which hadn’t been painted at all were down low without much light, or had lots of backlight as they were window frames. I used my SB910 flash on the D6 to get light onto them.

In order to be most effective as evidence, I provided a covering letter, stating that there had been no image manipulation in the edit:

I certify that the images have not been edited or altered in any way, beyond routine optimisation of brightness and contrast. No cloning, cut-and-pasting, brushing, perspective correction or other manipulation has occurred.

I also sent the images at maximum resolution (JPG), reduced res (JPG) and as Raw files (NEF), in case it was actually required to prove that no tampering had occurred. I don’t normally send Raw files to clients, but this was a special case. Though I suspect it was overkill!

Problematic paint on the bathroom ceiling – peeling before Sarah moved back into the flat

Dodgy paintwork in the kitchen

It’s an unusual one! It was a very quick shoot, with little to be done at the editing stage, though the paperwork took longer than usual. I didn’t charge much, and it was a good learning experience. Best of all, it was a further sign of becoming known as a photographer in the Bromley area, and I’ll take that!

BR Postcode? Need a photographer in the Bromley area? Whatever the occasion or motive, I am here to help!

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Photos © copyright Andrew King

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