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I didn’t intend to write another Camberwell Life Blog quite so quickly, and had actually started to write the beginning of a series on lenses for wedding photography, but the holiday got in the way, today was bright and lovely (this morning anyway) and I went out with an old camera body and a few lenses to stroll down to the Green and into Ruskin Park.

A wedding photographer’s year is not a smooth and even one: August can be solid weddings, and the winter can feel pretty quiet. But there is never a time to stop taking photos. Not least, to keep my eye in, and to make sure that all the kit is functioning as it should. But most of all, because the main reason that any real photographer takes photos is for the love of it.

Favourite from this morning –
All so neat for the Bank Holiday at The Hill Bakery & Deli, Grove Lane

Can you tell me where this manhole cover is?

New Year’s Day and Camberwell Church Street and the Green were as quiet as I have ever seen them. A few belated revellers were still staggering home, a bleary girl in mini-skirt sat cuddling a coffee outside Maloko, and a number of people just looked very, very sad. But for the most part, people were breezy and happy and ready to say “Happy New Year”.


To all my Camberwell neighbours and friends: I hope your 2022 is happy and blessed, and that, if you have any need for photos of any special opccasions this year, you will look up your local photographer! All the best!

Photos from one walk with the old Nikon D700 © copyright Andrew King Photography

If you would like any of them – printed or for sharing – just contact me and it can be arranged. Equally, if you object to any of them, just say, and they come down!

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