Stephen & Susan

Professional London Wedding Photographer with a Personal Touch

The Wedding of Stephen and Susan

Photographers: Andrew and Tim

Locations: Bride’s and Groom’s family homes, Romford and Ilford, London

Romford Baptist Church
Stock Brook Country Club, Billericay

I was looking forward to a vibrant Afro-Carribean wedding – I thought that the bride was Nigerian and I knew that the groom was Trinidadian. What I didn’t expect at the bride’s house was for the main language spoken between the bride and her bridesmaids to be… German! That surprising mixture was just the beginning of a wonderful day of multi-cultural juxtapositions. Perhaps most striking, at least to the ear, was the music: at one point in the reception a string quartet played Schubert and Mozart downstairs while a steel band played above!

Susan and Stephen were a wonderful bride and groom to photograph, the wedding was packed with beautiful people, and I loved working with my cousin Tim, whose style blended really well with my own to create a good album from the day.

One advantage of two photographers at a fairly traditional wedding is that one can go to each home/starting point at he beginning of the day. Photographing the bride as she had the finishing touches done to her make up, and the groomsmen as they put on their cravats helped us to get to know the main players in a big wedding, and got us warmed up into the day.

Tim and I, both London wedding photographers, were booked for this East London / Essex wedding through knowing the groom’s brother. That kind of word of mouth and chains of friendship and relationship has been the main way that my wedding and family work has grown over the years. Without much pushing or advertising, a steady flow of weddings has just happened, and I’m grateful.

My photo of the day? I think this one – a completely natural moment during the reception.

Wedding of Stephen & Susan P{hotography by Anrew King Photography

Many thanks to Stephen and Susan for asking us to photograph their wedding! 

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