Coalhouse Walker Band

Gig photography for a Hertfordshire blues band

I love the blues, and will travel a good way to hear a decent band, so taking pictures at a blues gig is no hardship. Coalhouse Walker, in its line up of the time (Stuart – vocals and harp, Dave – guitar, Richie – piano, Mick – drums) were playing down at The Coach and Horses in Stevenage. The Coach has since then redecorated and remarketed to a younger crowd, but at the time was rivalling the Red Lion as  the rockingest pub in the Old Town. The lighting was poor, but the band were excellent, with a very distinctive sound coming from not having a bass player – Richie had to stride out with the left hand so as to hold things together on the bass front. Great gig, great band.

To catch the CHW band – in an earlier incarnation – try here.