Annabelle with Jo & Lewis

Baby Photography in West Yorkshire

A photography session with a small baby can be a challenge, both technically and in the behaviour of the model. I normally take less time than in a full family shoot; spending about 45 minutes to an hour in the home. It is best to arrange arrival when the baby is likely to be active and content – generally when fairly recently fed. The aim is not simply to catch smiles, lovely though they may be, but to capture a range of expressions, forming a portrait of a rapidly-developing person at that point in his or her life.

Annabelle was lovely – more curious than upset by the strange man with the big camera. I used mainly available light, with some augmenting from a bounced flash on the camera for some shots. Bouncing the flash gives a soft look, that blends with the natural lighting, and avoids any harsh flash light going directly into baby’s eyes. Taking pictures in the home environment – familiar surroundings rather than the harder blankness of a studio – also helps keep things relaxed and happy. Jo and Lewis were pleased with results, and have the first, most abstract, image shown here printed as a large canvas in their Yorkshire village home.