Product Photography – Trinity 25 Gin

Product Photography in Southwark for Nick Johnson and Spirit of Bermondsey

Trinity 25 (a lower alcohol spirit, at 25%) is the brainchild of Nick Johnson. I first met Nick when photographing him as a prospective Lib Dem counsellor for Bermondsey, and he turned to me as a product photographer when he needed photos taken for the launch of his Spirit of Bermondsey brand.

In some ways, this kind of photography is typical of working for a new business.  Budget is tight – getting a full-on specialist in the product area would be difficult – and there is a need for a real breadth of shots. Product – process – people – and even the launch event itself: a range of skills is needed.

Product photography of drinks bottles is a whole specialism in itself. I learned from the ground up – transforming my dining room into a bottle photography studio in the process. My commitment on this kind of occasion is to work with my client and to send my invoice only when we clearly have satisfactory results. Personal involvement, generosity with time and that attitude of fair pricing is what new projects need.

Photographing at Thames Distillers in Clapham, with the label design people and on the streets of Bermondsey, and then finally at the launch in the Hide bar near London Bridge was enormous fun. The sights and smells of a distillery are always interesting, and the historic Tom Thumb and Thumbelina stills are very photogenic. These are the kind of shoots where you learn a great deal that you never expected to!

I love helping start-ups with their early stage photography. If you need a variety of good images at a realistic cost, working with someone who is passionate about helping you get the image right, then contact me. And if your product happens to be edible or drinkable, I won’t complain! Cheers!

I am happy to travel widely, although in terms of cost-benefit I am probably best used in the London and South East area. Send a message via my contact form, or via or 07983 787889. I look forward to hearing from you!


Looking for a product photographer for a new venture? I am based in Bromley, London, but frequently found in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the Home Counties in general. I am a freelance wedding, family and commercial photographer committed to delivering quality photographs at an affordable price.