Website Launch

Posted on 27th, June 2012

With rather more sweat involved than champagne my website is now up and running and public. There are quite a few glitches still to sort out – not all images are displaying correctly or even at all, and the packages/prices page is all over the shop. But the contact form works and most of the text and images are doing their job.

If anyone sees things that don’t look right, please tell me and I will try to sort them. My aim is to establish an immediate way for potential clients looking for a wedding, family or corporate photographer to see my work and what I can offer. At the start, and probably in the long term too, this is likely to be by word of mouth and other recommendations and links, but, in the longer haul, I hope that Search Engines will start to produce totally new contacts, especially in my areas of principle operations: West Sussex (centred on Haywards Heath and Brighton), East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London and Hertfordshire.