About me

I am a wedding, family and corporate photographer, based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. I frequently work with my cousin, Tim Harman, who is based in North Wales, and therefore we are very flexible in our travel arrangements. As a wedding photographer and for other commissions I have undertaken work in Surrey, Kent, Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and North Wales itself. As well as wedding photography I am happy to take on commissions as a baby photographer (including new-born babies), toddlers, toddler groups, family photographer, engagement photographs, parties and special occasions as an event photographer, and various kinds of commercial photography and product photography.

I am father to Bec and Tom, and grandfather to Isla and Amelie, I have worn many hats in my time: sausage salesman, food technologist, minister, missionary, granite worktop salesman and photographer. I have loved photography as a hobby since before my teens, moving from an exclusive interest in landscape to a passion for portraiture over the years.

Having learned my craft on Russian rangefinders, I moved to Pentax SLRs with the birth of my daughter, and stayed with them till the digital revolution. The ability to take many images at no extra cost led to a rapid development in style, and with Panasonic Lumix and then Nikon SLR cameras, a new level of quality too. Apart from my camera, interests include music (especially live), hill-walking and film.