I love weddings - there is no occasion like a wedding to challenge and stimulate the photographer to do his or her very best. I generally work at weddings with my cousin Timothy Harman, and together we are proud to offer what we think of as quality wedding photography for the social media generation. Our style is neither to emphasise the formal groups and poses, nor to try to create "arty" moments where the photography comes to dominate the day. If a couple wish to get on with celebrating their wedding, with photographers recording who is there and what happens, then our style could be for you. We don't want to create the moment, but we do want to capture it. And with two photographers, a whole day of great moments is captured... We work our socks off like no other photographers: if you are 'people people' then look no further. I am based in Camberwell, South London: Tim is in Wrexham, North Wales. Together we are happy to cover the country, and have photographed weddings in many areas. Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Cheshire, Wales, London and Yorkshire are all prominent in our portfolios and personal memories.

Geoff and Ruth

Martin and Sian

Dave and Beth

Chris and Lizzie

Dave & Gerry

Anthony & Eline

Roger & Joanne

Stephen & Susan

Mark & Naomi

Sam & Kikka

Brad & Fiona

Josh & Lois

Jamie & Liz

Chris & Lizzie

Nathan & Sophie

Kris & Carrie