Joe’s 21st: Crawley

Twenty First Birthday Party shoot at Crawley Town Football Club

In every family there are those moments which will only happen once. From a christening party to a 21st, the whole family and group of friends is together – and that doesn’t happen often. Obviously everyone is snapping away with digital cameras, but sometimes it is only after the event that you think, “I wish we had some decent photographs!” When you are going to the trouble of booking a hall and spending a small fortune on food and drink, booking a photographer to cover the event properly doesn’t seem so daft – and the results can be stunning on occasions when most popular cameras are really out of their depth with the difficult lighting.

Joe’s party at Crawley Town Football Club had the typical photographic excitement of disco lighting and lasers.I used a mixture of available light (down the bar end of the room) and mixed bounced flash with slow rear shutter action to capture the atmosphere on the dance floor.