Finishing the website!

Posted on 15th, June 2012

I can’t think how long I have been telling people that my website is “just about to be published” – it has been a very long time, and to the point that I can hardly believe it is happening now that it is here. I want to thank Pete and David, from Vektor, Burgess Hill, Sussex, for their hard work and patience in getting the show on the road: I really like the look of the site, and I hope you do too.

Of course, the time taken has not been wasted. Not least, over this period I have learnt a lot of photography as I have been pushed into significant new areas with the development of my business. Photographing interiors, workshop situations, product shoots at various sizes, corporate events – I have had interesting experiences in all of these disciplines while we have been working on the site. I think that the result is a rounded portfolio that will only go on getting better in the future.

If you have any comments on the website or wish to contact me about any of the services I offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me: