Seen from behind

Posted on 2nd, July 2012

I have been really pleased by the number of comments and facebook "likes" for this photo of my granddaughter, Isla Rose, at my weddding photographer colleague and cousin Tim Harman's marriage to the lovely Rachael Lloyd in Wrexham. The picture was a...

Tim and Rachael’s Wedding

Posted on 29th, June 2012

Well... my colleague is getting married... and has asked me to do the photos! I appreciate his confidence... and feel more nervous than usual! Leaving Haywards Heath, West Sussex, for Wrexham, North Wales today (after I have slept!), with the wedding on Saturday. I hope the weather is as beautiful (though not as sticky) as today. Tim...

Website Launch

Posted on 27th, June 2012

With rather more sweat involved than champagne my website is now up and running and public. There are quite a few glitches still to sort out - not all images are displaying correctly or even at all, and the packages/prices page is all over the shop. But the contact form works and most of the text and images are doing...

Budding Professional Wedding Photographer?

Posted on 23rd, June 2012

What makes a wedding photographer "professional"? Obviously the fact that money changes hands, but it should be so much more. There are basic elements of "being professional" - of professionalism - that ought to be automatic, routine. A client ought to be able to take them for granted. I was struck by an article posted on Yahoo News about a couple who lost all their wedding pictures after their photographer lost the memory card in a drunken fight after a funeral a week later. I have every sympathy for Jackie and Adam Sanderson and hope that their pictures may yet be...

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